Why Minneapolis is the perfect plac...



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Why Minneapolis is the perfect plac...

Find the Right Home with Minneapolis Minnesota Real Estate

If you believe in a fit and happy lifestyle, Minneapolis, MN is the city you need to call home. With miles of outdoor trails, endless green spaces within city limits, and local beaches and lakes just a stone’s throw away, The City of Lakes is an ideal metropolitan area to call home. You can find the right residence for your budget with AdviceHomes the best real estate agents in Minneapolis MN's !


Why Live Here?

Minneapolis, MN offers the strongest combination of vibrant culture, outdoor beauty, and economic stability in the United States between Chicago and Seattle. The city is situated on both banks of the Mississippi River, north of its confluence with the Minnesota River. The city itself boasts 13 lakes within city limits, the Mississippi River, and countless creeks, waterfalls, and connected parkways that get you on the Chain of Lakes and Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway with ease.

Culture in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Minnesota real estate thrives, in part, on the vibrant and inclusive culture of the city. First Ave in downtown Minneapolis has hosted some of the biggest acts in music from across the country and around the globe. Homegrown music legend Prince got his start at First Ave. The uptown neighborhood, located south of downtown on the shores of Lake Calhoun, is home to one of the largest LGBTQ populations in the US. The open and inclusive nature of the city’s culture is visible beyond its neighborhoods, with one of the highest numbers of openly gay politicians, gay wedding ceremonies, and pride events.

Lifestyle in Minneapolis, MN

The residents of Minnesota are known for their hearty nature, surviving the cold winters by taking advantage of any opportunity to exercise outdoors and keep their body temperatures up. Summer is greeted with enthusiasm each year by locals who flood beaches, run on trails, and get outside for any occasion they can dream up. In fact, Forbes has ranked Minneapolis the #1 city in the nation for clean air, public smoking bans, and expansive bike trails that encourage Minneapolis residents to get out, be active and stay fit.

Employment Opportunities in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis grew up as a city that was once the world’s flour milling capital, and its situation on the Mississippi River made it a hub for timber movement throughout the US. Today, Minneapolis proper contains the fifth-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. Cargill, 3M, and other major global companies call the city home and make Minneapolis an integral piece of the global economy. In fact, 87.53% of the city’s workforce is employed in white-collar jobs, placing it well above the national average in this realm.

Minneapolis Minnesota Real Estate Options

For its size, Minneapolis has extremely affordable housing options for those hoping to buy in Minneapolis for the perfect place to call home. The median gross rent in 2015 was just $912, and mean prices for housing in general in the same year was $275,363. Detached, single-family homes came in just over that average at $275,924, while townhomes and other attached units were just under the average at $274,035. Many of Minneapolis’ homes feature beautiful, pre-World War II architecture, making it one of America’s older and more historic cities in the country for housing.

Whether you live in the area already or will be a transplant to the City of Lakes, you’ll find that Nicholas J Montgomery with  AdviceHomes, is Minneapolis MN's best real estate agents, available to help you select the perfect property for your family, lifestyle, and budget. Contact us today for help finding your next home!

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